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Joe specializes in acoustic guitar; teaching children ages 5 and up; and fingerstyle guitar, including Travis Picking and the styles of Paul Simon, Doc Watson, Bob Dylan, Leo Kottke, and others.

All lessons are structured and there is always specific homework. Private lessons are the best way to get personal feedback and guidance.


Keys to long-term progress in music:

  • Good habits

    • Good hand position

    • Sit tall

    • Good right & left-hand technique

  • Regular Practicing

    • Beginners can start with as little as 10 min/day

    • Practice every day or nearly every day

  • Understanding key concepts

    • Know the names of notes

    • Count and play at the same time


Method Books

  • The Hal Leonard Guitar Method – for playing with a pick

  • Aaron Shearer’s Classic Guitar Technique – fingerpicking/classical guitar

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