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As of Nov. 1, 2022, I will be teaching at Eric Schoenberg Guitars in Tiburon on Mondays.


I will also be teaching at Mill Valley Recreation Center on Thursdays.

To register for Mill Valley classes, please use this link, then type in guitar (or ukulele);

or call them at 415 381-1377.  

Group Classes are resuming! Music Theory for Guitar and Ukulele Players will be offered at Mill Valley Community Center starting Thursday, January 5, 2023. There will be 7 one-hour classes, 7:20 - 8:20  PM. You can register online, or by calling (415) 383 1377, starting Dec. 13, 2022.

Here is the class description:


Understanding Music Theory is an essential part of being a good musician. Learn what notes are in the various scales and chords, and which scales go with which chords. Learn about the Circle of Fifths, how to analyze chord progressions, and how to transpose music (change key). This is primarily a pencil-and-paper class, students will play very little. Taking this class has helped many students get past the plateau in their playing.  


Joe was recently in the studio in El Cerrito, working on Krishna Feeney's forthcoming CD of her original songs.  The other players were Chuck Ervin on bass and Sharon Gilchrist on mandolin. It was a pleasure to play Krishna's great songs with excellent players! The album is available as of March, 2020.


Ricky Sunderland

Joe's longtime guitar student Ricky Sunderland is performing regularly at Marin Catholic High School, with great success!

Henry Tantum

Joe's former student Henry Tantum performed for the whole school at his graduation from Redwood High School in 2017.  Congratulations, Henry!


Lessons will be available in your home (when things get back to normal)! Get your family band together! These small group lessons can be for the same  instrument (3 to 5 ukuleles, for example) or can include other instruments (guitar and piano, etc.)


The Acoustic Jam Class is the perfect place to work on your musical skills. If you can sing and play, play lead, or just strum along, this is the class for you. It is less structured than Joe's other classes, and the choice of songs is up to the students. It happens in Tiburon on Wednesdays, 7- 8 PM; please see the Group Classes page for detailed info. Join the fun!

This fun class is gaining popularity, with about a dozen students at present.


Class celebration crop.jpg

The Continuing Ukulele Class (above) had a party after the last class. New students are welcome to join us for the next round.


Ukes of Hazzard.jpg

Joe's advanced ukulele students gave their first performance at The Redwoods in Mill Valley in February 2016. Barbara, Eric, Paige, Rob, and Mairead with singer Pam Tibbits, performed under the name "The Ukes of Hazzard". A good time was had by all!

Ricky Sunderland performing (Joe's longtime student).  You can see other students performing, on the Performance Videos page.

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